Lavino Park

Just a few kilometres from Silvi, it is possible to visit the protected area of the Lavino Park, which takes its name from the naturalistic element that most characterises it, namely the sulphurous waters of the river of the same name, in which dissolved sulphates are present that give the small lakes, spring pools and streams their typical and evocative blue-turquoise colour.
The watercourse originates in the Vallone di Santo Spirito on the north-northwest slope of the Majella mountain massif; through the Vallone di San Bartolomeo and the Fosso Cesano; downstream of Roccamorice, the stream becomes the Fiume Lavino; after a few kilometres, at Scafa, it flows into the copious waters of the Pescara.
The area of this park covers about 40 hectares, is equipped with an information point and is home to a variety of fauna, fish and plant species. Walking along the banks, we encounter mainly different types of willows (white willow, brittle willow) and poplars (black and white poplar); other species border the water area, such as: Tife, Rushes, Downy Oak, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Robinia and Hawthorn.
Broom, Cyclamen and Periwinkles characterise the background of the groves. Finally, seaweed colours the bottom of the ponds in two different shades of blue and green. As far as fauna is concerned, the moorhen, river warbler, yellow wagtail and kingfisher live in contact with the water. Wandering about at night, invisible, are the Weasel, the Weasel, the Badger and the Fox.